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employer value proposition


This is Georgiana and I curate Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast, where I regularly talk to recruitment & employer branding managers from Berlin and beyond. 

As specialists working in recruitment marketing for a while now, we’ve understood that hiring and retaining talent is hard. Let’s be honest, recruitment campaigns all look the same and today’s savvy candidates are tired of “yet another job ad”. 

So, let me ask you this: How relevant is your EVP (employee value proposition) now? Because times are changing and now, more than ever, you need an updated company culture; a culture with a wow factor that’s not focused on bringing you MORE candidates, but BETTER candidates. 

In the 8 years of creating content for companies around the world, we’ve understood how to craft:

  • A compelling employee value proposition
  • A beautifully-designed employee manifesto
  • An internal communication strategy which speaks to even the most reticent colleagues
  • An employer branding campaign done differently – which takes into account your strongest points as a company and transpose them into beautifully crafted messages meant to help recruit more rapidly or simply increase awareness;
  • An event plan with interesting internal activities to keep employees feeling motivated & engaged while WFH 

We know how hard working with words can be. And how hard it can be to put words in the right context. 

Let me give you a piece of advice: it’s time to go beyond benefits. Sure, it pays to have a competitive salary package that includes excellent health insurance, a flexible working schedule, and a nice workspace. But is that enough? 

Without a clearly-defined EVP, your new hires will most likely leave in as little as 1.5 years. In Berlin, the average employee retention rate is somewhere at 1.4 years, which is discouragingly low! 

We know that a compelling employee value proposition speaks louder than the best salary package.  

Which is why we’ve created the “EVP Package”, which, for 750 euros, gets you:

  • An extensive analysis into your company culture
  • A 2-hour focus group for determining what sets you apart from your competition, when it comes to recruiting
  • A beautifully-crafted employee value proposition, with the perfect catchphrases
  • The main values that characterise your company, written better than you and the main stakeholders ever could

Want to get creative together? Let’s schedule a 15 minute call (georgiana@beaglecat.com), so I can share more details. If anything, we’ll exchange interesting facts.

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