The Inside Podcast (Ep. 5) | Personal branding: Does it attract or deter candidates? with Oliver Aust @EO IPSO Communications

Personal branding: Does it attract or deter candidates?

Most of the time, HR officials will say their job is not to shape the culture of the company, but rather to maintain and safeguard it. We tend to disagree. Founders and C-level managers are equally responsible for forging the perception of the brand.

Where does personal branding come into place?

Oliver Aust, author of Unignorable and Mastering communications, shares tips on how to create a personal brand that will speak to your employees in a sustainable, positive manner.

About the company

Eo Ipso Communications helps high-profile individuals and organisations take their reputation to the next level to build future-proof businesses. They specialise in Strategic, CEO and Crisis Communications.

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