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The Inside Podcast (Ep.1) | What do L&D and employer branding have in common? with Lavinia Mehedintu @eMAG

What do learning and development and employer branding have in common?

Hi there! We’ve decided to supplement the written content on our site with audio content as well. Our apologies for the not-so-perfect quality of this audio. Recording podcasts in times of Covid, when both participants are remote, can be a somewhat challenging task.

Hopefully, the input provided by Lavinia Mehedintu will make up for this inconvenience.

Lavinia is People Experience Manager at eMag (no.1 digital retailer in Romania, 5000 employees) and in her role and throughout her career, she has managed both employer branding and learning and development. Lavinia primarily sees herself as a “learning geek” and actually curates Offbeat, a weekly newsletter with resources and insights in learning and development.

Listen to our first episode on Spotify.

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