EB Interview Series: Kevin Seay, Talent Acquisition @Mambu, Germany

Mambu interview

Our series of interviews continues this week with Kevin Seay, Talent Acquisition at Mambu, Germany. Hiring top talent in the context of Covid-19 has made remote work go mainstream. And yet, according to Kevin, soon enough the “remote work” trend will fade away and it will most likely be replaced with “distributed work”. In the lines below, we’ve asked several more questions related to the way employer branding is done at Mambu in Berlin, Germany. Read on to find out more. 

EB: Are you still hiring? And if so, what has changed in the interview process?

Kevin: Yes we are. We had to adjust to the new restrictions and conduct all interviews remotely. Also, if the first call was originally done by phone, now we try to have all interviews done over video to increase the interaction as much as possible.

EB: How are you managing the on-boarding process from afar? Doesn’t it feel a bit unnatural?

Kevin: It does feel a bit unnatural but we are doing the best we can to still deliver a good new hire experience. We have a virtual onboarding program and have multiple people start on the same day across the globe. This way, they can feel connected to the other new hires. Everything is done over video and they have multiple meetings with various departments as part of the onboarding process.

EB: What exactly do you do to keep people engaged while they work from home? Can you give one specific example of something that has worked?

Kevin: Virtual lunches, virtual coffee syncs, virtual happy hours. We also created various slack channels that connect people through various hobbies and passions (baking, workouts, yoga, etc)

EB: We keep hearing that “(work) life after COVID-19” will never be the same again. How would you argue this statement suits your organization? (For some companies, for instance, some of the trends and MOs discovered during the time of pandemics are likely to become the norm).

Kevin: We are realizing how productive we can still be with fully distributed teams. This realization will increase our understanding and flexibility with working “remotely”. 

EB: As a people person, what is your personal prediction? Seeing that so many companies have implemented working from home as a means of keeping the organization alive, do you think this will determine a massive shift in how companies perceive work? Are we maybe learning to look at “remote work” differently?

Kevin: I do. I think the term remotely will stop being used as much. As “remote” becomes more and more normal, the term will be “distributed” work. 

EB: In the end,  3 concrete measures you’ve taken in order to maintain company culture alive and thriving?


  1. More frequent communication from leadership
  2. Virtual meet-ups
  3. More groups focused on people’s passions and hobbies

About Mambu

Mambu gives financial institutions a powerful competitive edge by allowing them to rapidly create, launch, and service any lending or deposit portfolio through a modern SaaS banking platform. Built from the cloud up, Mambu is a powerful alternative to the costs and complexity of traditional core banking systems or custom in-house solutions.

Mambuvians come from over 30 countries across six continents. Over the years, Mambu has become increasingly diverse in perspectives and ideas. To them, diversity is a company-wide value, and a strategy to boost productivity and to leave a positive, global impact on their industry. From Europe to Asia, and the Americas – Mambuvians are experts at collaborating globally.

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