Using creativity to develop the image of a local brand working with worldwide giant Pearson Global

About the client:

The Romanian development center of youngculture serves the groups’ target technology markets, focusing on enterprise-grade eCommerce solutions and other highly dynamic business sectors.

Our main campaign goal was to generate leads (people who apply for the advertised positions from the landing page) who will become suitable hires for a number of open positions:

Java Developer (Medior & Senior)
Front End Developer (Medior & Senior)
DevOps Engineer (Medior and Senior)
Test Automation Engineer/ QA Automation Lead
Software Architect

Our secondary campaign goal was to create an awareness bubble around Youngculture and the incredible working opportunity that they provide through the collaboration with Pearson.

The creative concept of the campaign revolved around building a global learning platform from Iasi – a 500k inhabitants city in Romania where all global brands are opening tech branches.

Channels and tactics

* Boosted post
* Paid ads

* Sponsored content

Adwords Remarketing

Email marketing

Offline marketing
* Clips on screens
* Flyers
* Banners

“Build a GLOBAL learning platform from Romania”

Our creative efforts continued with a campaign involving a magician on site, during the autumn edition of Codecamp Iasi 2018.

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