Employer branding campaign for a Dutch software development company

Maxcode company culture

About the client

Maxcode, a Dutch company with a Romanian spirit, is a software development company with an approach to software development that caters to web, desktop and mobile solutions. The company provides scalable architectures that incorporate cloud services and complex business processes.

April 2018 – “We are family” campaign

Our goal for the “We are family” campaign was to create an awareness bubble around Maxcode and the incredible working opportunity that they provide; as well as generate leads (people who have applied for the advertised positions from the landing page) who will become suitable hires for their open positions.

Your team. Your family.

The creative concept of the campaign was to find a way to bring out the family-like atmosphere within Maxcode. We came up with an idea to instil a sense of friendliness and safety by focusing on the core principles of the company: stability, professional growth, access to cool & interactive technologies, and an amazing office space.

Channels & tactics


  • Paid ads based on our 4 buyer personas: .NET developer, automation test engineer and front-end developer
  • Boosted posts


  • Sponsored content

October 2018 – “Innovative TechTalks” conference campaign

Following the “We are family” campaign in April, where our main focus was to increase Maxcode’s awareness, we kickstarted another campaign with a more precise goal: to promote an exclusive conference organized by Maxcode, and generate actual leads for the company’s available positions on the .NET technologies.

Innovative TechTalks: https://www.maxcode.net/tech-talks/

For the landing page, our main focus was on:

  • Highlighting the fact that the conference was an invite-only event
  • Mentioning the international speakers + event agenda
  • Simple & minimalistic design

Channels & tactics


  • Facebook ads: with an emphasis on the speakers
  • Boosted posts: teaser posts announcing the event


  • Sponsored content


Following the completion of both campaigns, we managed to help Maxcode achieve its goal to recruit qualified people for their available positions in the numbers. In terms of numbers, 100+ attendees joined the conference and 20+ expressed an interest to join the Maxcode family.

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