About US

Founded by the recruitment marketers at Beaglecat, EmployerBranding.tech is a content platform where we regularly publish our ideas and findings on the state and development of employer branding and company culture in companies in Germany and the US.

Our research method is an employer branding podcast – The Inside Podcast. As for our goal, we aim to shed some light on what tactics work best for those who work in employer branding, in smaller or larger organizations.

Some of the questions that our podcast touches on: What types of company cultures are mostly appreciated and fostered in Berlin? What do HR and talent managers do to ensure a warm company climate? What are the main struggles an HR faces? How much is employer branding present in Europe? And how much in the US?

We’re a team of tech content marketers who have migrated to employer branding about 5 years ago. We can help you define your company values, culture or employee value proposition and also recruit and retain people via creative recruitment marketing/internal communications campaigns. We’ve worked with over 50 companies in Germany, Romania, Austria and the US in the past 8 years, so we bring consistent know-how to the table.

Recently, we’ve teamed up with 2 professionals in Berlin to deliver an End2End employer branding approach. Find out more about it here.

More about our founder here.

If companies understood that EB is mostly about retention, they’d find it much easier to recruit.