I am an agency founder, recruitment marketing specialist, podcast host, and employer branding researcher. Following a career in academia and a Ph.D. in political communications, I worked with over 150 tech companies in Germany, Austria, the USA, and Romania for more than 8 years at Beaglecat.

After moving to Berlin and starting Germany’s employer branding podcast, I now work closely with HR managers and CEOs of tech companies in managing recruitment marketing campaigns, improving company culture and job ads, increasing employee retention, and shaping company values.

In 2022, I started my full-time role as Employer Branding Lead for Engineering with Evolution Germany. In this capacity, I am working closely with recruitment in order to grow the Berlin hub from 0 to 200 software engineers, by the end of 2023.

I believe in the power of the community when it comes to building better organizations and approaching recruitment in a more sustainable way. I am convinced that, by exploring together (via podcast interviews but not only) the current status quo for companies in Europe (mostly Germany and Romania) and the US, we can all shape the future of recruitment and improve work quality in companies worldwide. 

I love to talk about company culture, mission, values, and best practices on how to attract and retain top talent.

My personal story:

I was born in communist Romania 36 years ago. I was fortunate enough to be completing my studies as Romania joined the EU, which allowed me to study in Germany, France, and Belgium.

I was passionate about foreign languages from an early age and can speak English, French, and German fluently.

After completing my MD at the Institut Catholique de Paris, I worked in international affairs at Sanofi Aventis for one year, after which I was a Communication Science adjunct teacher for 4 years, at the UAIC University of Iasi, Romania (an important tech hub and international university center).

After having completed a Ph.D. in pol comm, I started my own content marketing agency, which has so far completed over 150 international projects in content, digital, and recruitment marketing.

Through insightful conversations (via podcasts and not only), we will collectively understand and shape the future of recruitment, and improve work quality in companies in Europe.